Hello kidz...
I'd like to start by introducing you to the [POT] Clan. Established in the fall of 1997, we set out with one goal in mind... to prove that Marijuana users could kill in a fast paced game of hand/eye coordination.
Beezle was the first person outside of my circle of friends to join us in our quest. Beezle quickly designed our skins, and The [POT] Clan was offical.. At that time, the membership list consisted of a_Bong, Carcass, blUnt, Xanax, Beezle (who played under the name Chronic), and Overdose. Through playing Q2, we met Mauler, leader of Clan Red-Eye (now known as Nothing). An alliance was formed and continues to be honored between both clans. Jackal joined the clan a little later on.
That was the roster until I moved into my own place, unfortunately limiting some players accessability to a computer. Xanax and Overdose are on the injured reserves list until they can regain consistant computer access.
Since the time of moving into my own apartment, the [POT] Clan adopted "Physcians Of Terror" for their offical clan theme. Each member uses the prefix "Dr." before their Q2 nick, and MD (medical doctor) in IRC.
There have been many new members since I moved. Princess being the most important and valuable. Her patience, work and tolerance of our ignorance have made this web page possible.
We are always accepting new members to join our clan. If you feel you have what it takes, and support our goals, then please contact us for a try out. You may also visit us on IRC, EFnet,#[POT]. The [POT] Clan members are listed on Champions League of Quake's website... you can find a link to it in our Links section.
Thanks for visiting,