January 1999  

We want to wish everyone a happy new year. Hope `99 treats you well. Our clan is growing and hopefully we will get back on track early in this new year!! Off to a good start. Thanks so much to all of you =)
UPDATE!!! January 30 : Everyone welcome FlopSter to our clan. He's a friend from #quake2 =) Loss tonight to OT. Good effort made by all. I've very proud of everyone who played.
UPDATE!!! January 24 : We'd like to announce that we have formally accepted bilabong as a member of the clan. He's been around for a few days, and we are sorry it has taken us so long to get around to testing him. Welcome to our clan bilabong! Also welcome ballist1c to the clan. He's a friend from #quake2! We are happy to have him as a member as well!
UPDATE!!! January 23 : We are happy to announce the RESURECTION of Keyser!! He is NOT dead after all =) He will be around regularly from now on. Also, MegaMan_X has decided to rejoin our clan. We are happy to have him back with us =) He's been a big help in training `Princess to AIM ;) Welcome back Keyser and MegaMan_X!!!!
UPDATE!!! January 23 : Loss to ti tonight. Good game played by all though. We are improving guys, and I'm proud of all of you =) We just have a little more work to do =)
UPDATE!!! January 20 : Everyone please welcome bBoNd to the clan. He's been accepted as our newest member =)
UPDATE!!! January 17 : We want to thank Hogie for helping `Princess get our server up. We now have our own dedicated ra2 server back up. Now hopefully with the server upgrade, the pings and packet loss will be minimized. For now the server addy is ultra1.ultraaccess.com. We will make sure to post the new addy as soon as the reverse is working again!
UPDATE!!! January 17 : We must sadly announce the removal of Pitt, Chr[i]s, and FuckEmUp from our clan. Too much bickering going on with these young men. We wish you the best of luck with whatever you do. Hopefully now we can move on to some serious q2 fun =)
UPDATE!!! January 16 : Loss to DoW tonight. Most definately need to get our dedicated server back up!!
UPDATE!!! January 9 : Very confusing match tonight against sd. Poorly organized by sd and us. Sorry about that guys. Too much confusion with todays merger going on to concentrate on preparing for the match. Next match we will rock =) o
UPDATE!!! January 9 : We merged with Nothing today and we would like to welcome all of the Nothing members to our clan. Too many to list. MAuLER is now going to share leadership with Princess. Hope everyone gets settled in quickly so we can start whomping some ass! We're happy about this merger =)
UPDATE!!! January 5 : Welcome our new members Pitt & Xtreme. Lots of changes with the members going on lately. I'll keep this updated as best as I can. We are glad to have our current members, and we wish our parting members the best in whatever they may now do =)
UPDATE!!! January 1 : Welcome our new member jiggie to the clan. Our first new member of the year =) We are happy to have you join our clan and look forward to playing with you =)

  December 1998  

We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Hopefully will we get some matches going for the holiday break. I want to thank everyone for their patience this year as we have tried to build up and improve the clan. We now have a permanent server, which should be improving soon. Now all we have to do is get going and win some matches =) Many thanks to all of you. We appreciate having you with us!!
UPDATE!!! December 29: Loss to QGIRLZ tonight. Yam, Slide, Graffix, and Stedwick played. Good effort displayed by all. Thank you guys.
UPDATE!!! December 29: Please welcome another new member, Stedwick to the clan. He is an lpb, and a personal friend of Graffix. Welcome to the clan Stedwick =)
UPDATE!!! December 26: Please welcome our newest member Viper. He needs work, but he is very dedicated and we think he will be quite good. Nice to have you with us Viper =)
UPDATE!!! December 23: Angelo has left our clan. Sorry to see him go, but too many arguments. Good luck to you Angelo.
UPDATE!!! December 21: Please welcome new member xtinct. He is from Canada. We are glad to have him, and are looking forward to playing with him =)
UPDATE!!! December 17: Jar has been removed from the clan. Princess will take over as leader. All members will have a say in what goes on from now on. Rezurecta quit the clan today as well. We are now going to rebuild and improve and even have a little *fun* =)
UPDATE!!! December 12: Loss to [i]. Slide, Yam, Rezurecta and MegaMan played. Jar stepped in briefly as MegaMan had some connection problems mid-way through the match.
UPDATE!!! December 6: Loss to VD. Slide, Keyser, E1P, Jar, Rezurecta and Graffix played. Graffix didn't play the entire game; he stepped in for 2 rounds. Thank you everyone for showing up tonight. Good to see everyone so involved =)

  November 1998  

We have not been doing very well on the OGL ladder. Let's try to get back on track this month. We are still trying to recruit some good and reliable players. Princess is working on getting her modem problems resolved, so she should be more active in actual game related activities shortly. We have noticed a big improvent on everyone showing up more. We would like to thank everyone for making more of an effort to come regularly to the channel for news and updates. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving holiday.
UPDATE!!! November 21: Q2 server is UP! Princess gives a special THANK YOU to B|ackwulf who saved the day =) Everyone enjoy the server, which will be upgraded in January. So ping/packet loss will be improving.
UPDATE!!! November 18: Special announcement!! Princess has arranged for a q2 server. Now as soon as someone tells her how to set it up, we will be all set!! Also, please note our new address for the clan page. Once our server is up, the address will be nx.ultraaccess.com. Hope it works out for us!!! =)
UPDATE!!! November 18: Win over XD tonight. E1P, Slide, Yam, Rezurecta, and AngeloC played. You guys were GREAT tonight and we are so PROUD of you!!!! Thank you all for doing an excellent job! We always knew you could do it =) WE WON WE WON WE WON!!! HOORAY!!! =)
UPDATE!!! November 12: Loss to HKA tonight. Slide, Graffix, Keyser, Yam and Jar played.
UPDATE!!! November 11: Please everyone welcome MegamanX6 to our clan. He is 18 and lives in West Virginia. He attends West Virginia University and is on an ethernet connection. Welcome Mr. LPB #2. For now MegamanX6 is our "member in training" and we are sure he will soon be a full member. Welcome to the clan MegamanX6!!!!
UPDATE!!! November 10: Please everyone welcome TYBomb to our clan. He is 18 and lives in CA. He attends UC Riverside. We are happy to announce that we now have our very own LPB =) Welcome to the clan TYBomb!!!!
UPDATE!!! November 8: Loss to dw2 tonight. AngeloC, Rezurecta, Slide, Graffix, and Jar played. Very good attendence tonight for the match! Thanks everyone!!
UPDATE!!! November 2: Please everyone welcome Graffix to our clan. He is 17 and lives in CA. Welcome to the clan Graffix!!!!

UPDATE!!! November 2: Please everyone welcome AngeloC (formerly known as Uncle|Ben) to the clan. He has been around for a while. He was once in a clan with Slide, and I am sure everyone has seen him hanging in q2zone. He is 14 and lives in Finland. Now we have two foreigners. BlackWulf is from Canada. Welcome to the clan AngeloC!!!!


  October 1998  

First and foremost we want to take a moment to say THANK YOU to our current members. We appreciate your support and patience while we try to get more organized. We have decided that Wednesday evenings at 9 pm EST will be the set day and time for our clan practices. Please show up if at all possible. We all can use the practice as well as just the enjoyment of getting to see everyone together at one time We thank each and every one of you! Princess is going to be more active in the clan from now on. She is working hard to try to recruit some new members for our clan. It is not easy to find RELIABLE people who will work hard as a team, get along with the other members, and actually SHOW UP for matches and practices. If you have any suggestions or maybe you know of someone, please let her know. She is also going to be doing the News page. Let her know if she neglects to put something up that you feel needs to be noted.
UPDATE!!! October 28: Loss to clan 420 tonight. I understand we had high ping. Come on guys, we gotta WIN one!! Please :)
UPDATE!!! October 24: Loss to Nothing tonight.Very confusing evening. We will have to give it another go with Nothing when we have a server again =)
UPDATE!!! October 23: We are sorry to report that our dedicated server irc.nettalklive.com is now deceased. It was out of our control. We will do our best to have a replacement soon. We don't think it will cause any major problems at this time. It shouldn't be too hard to find another =)
UPDATE!!! October 22: Loss to VD. We appreciate everyone showing up for the match, and we want to thank everyone for doing their best. Sometimes you just have an off day. Good game though guys. .
UPDATE!!! October 16: Clan EYE chose to forfeit match for tonight. Counts as a win for NX.
UPDATE!!! October 9: Loss to Nails. We really need to work harder guys. Very few bothered to show up for the match. Horrible pings didn't help matters either. Just a bad night all together. Yam, Jar, Keyser, and Jack played.
UPDATE!!! October 1: Loss to HC. Sefron, Jar, Yam, and Keyser played.

  September 1998  

We are happy to announce we now have our own Q2 server. Feel free to use it at your convience. We will make every effort to provide a variety of maps, etc.Please let us know if you have a specific one you would like.
UPDATE!!! September 25: Loss to sA, 2-0. Sefron, Slide, Keyser, and Jar played
UPDATE!!! September 19: Win over OBC, 2-1. Yam, Slide, Sefron, and Jar played. Good game everyone!!!!
UPDATE!!! September 8: Our first OGL match was today!! Win over MfH 10-7. Keyser, BlackWulf, Slide, and Jar played . Very good game tonight. Good going guys!!! :)